Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks = Building a Network of Networks Nationwide

CPESNSM USA empowers the community-based pharmacy to improve its portfolio of medication optimization activities and patient care services.  CPESN USA supports the pharmacy co-managing patients along with the extended care team.

CPESNSM Missouri

Health care reform continues to drive new payment models that reward for the quality of care and those responsible, including providers, health plans, and other value purchasers.  New payment models are driving a revolution to incentivize health care providers to deliver services that keep patients out of the emergency room, out of the hospital, and adherent to the most appropriate medication regimen.

The CPESNSM initiative was launched to meet the changing needs of the new payment model landscape. The CPESNSM movement operates at the national level as CPESN USA, with local CPESNSM networks developing and contracting with CPESN USA to form a national clinically integrated network.  In July 2017, the Missouri Pharmacist Care Network (MO-PCN) executed the Chapter Agreement with CPESN USA supporting the official launch of the local CPESN Missouri at the September 2017 annual MPA conference. 

Join the CPESN movement!

  1. Learn more about the CPESN nationwide initiative. CPESN USA is hosting "An Introduction to CPESN Networks" webinar seriesCommunity-based pharmacy owners and CPESN Luminaries will be joined by CPESN USA leaders to co-present the webinar series on designated Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30 PM EST. Click Here to register for a webinar.
  2. Learn more about the CPESN Missouri statewide initiative. Register and attend available CPESN Missouri webinars indicated under Events on this webpage. Tripp Logan, PharmD, CPESN USA National Luminary and CPESN Missouri Lead Luminary will present the CPESN initiative, review minimum service set obligations, explain how our pharmacy can participate in clinically integrated networks, and provide a CPESN Missouri update.
  3. View available CPESN videos, also accessed via this webpage under Announcements.

Watch for more CPESN news regarding pharmacy contracting following the National Community Pharmacists Association annual conference in October.

Through Missouri community pharmacies and pharmacists, statewide partnerships and collaborations and existing MO-PCN infrastructure, there is rapid growth potential for CPESN Missouri. As local CPESN networks continue to develop nationwide, they will share knowledge, highlight emerging and sustainable practice models, and share resources and technology to catalyze understanding, development, and enhancement of value-based activities.


 As the local CPESN networks continue to develop, the CPESN USA role is to:

  • Develop and sustain local CPESN networks
  • Establish a national marketplace presence for collective regional and national offerings
  • Provide services and solutions were scale and aggregation make the most sense, such as consulting expertise, marketing expertise, and technology solutions
  • Establish relationships, payment models, and payment opportunities with the medical benefit side of the payer infrastructure

CPESN Luminary

A foundational component of each CPESN network is the luminaries.  A luminary is a local pharmacist who helps support recruiting pharmacies and launching the MO-CPESN program specific to community pharmacy, with a commitment to delivering exceptional quality and high integrity patient care services.

Tripp Logan, Pharm.D., Southeast Missouri Community Pharmacist and CPESN USA National Luminary, has been actively engaged in the CPESN nationwide initiative.  Tripp serves as the CPESN Missouri Lead Network Luminary.  Tripp shares his CPESN vision, “By aligning Missouri pharmacies around like enhanced service offerings, we can drive new patients, opportunities, and payment models to Missouri CPESN pharmacies.  A benefit of partnering with CPESN USA to do this, is we create the ability to also align with pharmacies outside of Missouri for regional and national opportunities, thus creating a national network of local networks.” 

What is the CPESN pharmacy? 

The CPESN initiative is about the importance of targeting and channeling patients to high-performing pharmacies.  All pharmacies are not the same.  Some pharmacies are primarily focused on filling the prescription as quickly as possible, with minimal patient interaction.  Other pharmacies are heavily focused on the patient and his or her health care, with a clear focus on interventions that change and positively impact patient outcomes.  CPESN pharmacies that have strong relationships with the patient and members of the patient’s local care team.  They are pharmacies that provide enhanced services that have proven to improve the health of complex patients.

Who is the CPESN patient?

CPESN patients are those who are on many chronic medications who lack coordination of care and have many opportunities for gaps to occur in this care.  They don't necessarily need convenience, they need coordination, high touch, and enhanced services that will change their outcome.

Where did CPESN originate?

CPESN originated from Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) and its progressive initiatives, working together to provide cooperative, coordinated care through the medical home model, with the underlying goal to improve quality and cost effectiveness while enhancing the ability of the primary care physician to improve care outcomes for patients with chronic diseases. 

In September 2015, CCNC launched the Multi-State High-Performing Community Pharmacy Collaborative (MSPC) to facilitate the expansion of additional high-performing CPESN networks nationally.  The MSPC was developed to connect pharmacists and other pharmacy stakeholders who have an interest in the delivery of financially viable, patient-centered care that exceeds traditional pharmacy dispensing services.  The nationwide expansion is supported by joint collaboration between CCNC and the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and the formation of CPESN USA. 

For further details regarding the CPESN history, see the July-September MPA magazine.

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