What is Missouri Pharmacist Care Network?

The Missouri Pharmacist Care Network (MO-PCN) is a Missouri pharmacist provider network designed to support, or administer, our state’s pharmacist patient care delivery. MO-PCN connects both payer and provider for the promotion of positive health outcomes. MO-PCN works with pharmacy, academic and health service experts to identify and create value-based intervention program curricula, credentialing and training programs.

Advantage of Membership

MO-PCN accommodates pharmacist providers located in all practice settings throughout the state. Having the expertise of diverse clinical practice sites will enable the network to maximize opportunities and remain responsive to the community's needs while offering training to support existing programs. 

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Payment Opportunity

Poly-pharmacy Risk Reduction (PPRR) program focuses on the MO HealthNet population that is taking 12 or more medications. Patient cases are distributed to participating pharmacists to review the medications and report participant drug therapy related recommendations to the participant's physician.

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