Missouri Pharmacist Care Network FAQ

 What is the Missouri Pharmacist Care Network?

The Missouri Pharmacist Care Network (MO-PCN) is a Missouri pharmacist provider network designed to support, or administer, our state’s pharmacist patient care delivery.  Programs supported or administered include, but are not limited to:

  • Missouri’s Direct Care Pro (DCPro) – State Medicaid MO HealthNet
  • Missouri’s Medication Therapy (MT) Services
  • Medicare Part D Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)
  • Commercial Sector Patient Care Programs
  • Pharmacist-Delivered Patient Care
  • Prevention Programs: Screenings and Low-Intensity Interventions

MO-PCN connects both payer and provider for the promotion of positive health outcomes. MO-PCN works with pharmacy, academic and health service experts to identify and create value-based intervention program curricula, credentialing and training programs.

MO-PCN intends to offer training to support existing Missouri pharmacist/pharmacy contracted programs and, if needed, has the capability to contract with employers, foundations, program administrators, states and other government entities on behalf of its affiliate pharmacist providers.

What innovative advantage does MO-PCN offer?
MO-PCN accommodates pharmacist providers located in all practice settings throughout the state. Having the expertise of diverse clinical practice sites will enable the network to maximize opportunities and remain responsive to the community’s needs.

Who can join the MO-PCN network?
The network is open to licensed pharmacists of all skill levels and practice settings. In order to participate in the network, pharmacists must: possess a pharmacist license for Missouri, carry adequate insurance covering non-dispensing activities and possess their own individual NPI number.

How is the MO-PCN network managed?
MO-PCN is managed by the Missouri Pharmacy Association. Peer advisory boards guide the development of pharmacist-led patient care initiatives. MO-PCN operates as a network administrator which supports available network opportunities.  This support can take on various forms ranging from contracting to education and training.

What specific tasks can MO-PCN perform?
MO-PCN can contract for programs and services, support improved performance among existing state, national or private patient care programs, credential providers, coordinate intervention opportunities, collect and aggregate data, design and implement education and training programs, craft intervention strategies, develop template marketing materials and collect and distribute payment for services.

MO-PCN’s goal is to support all patient care program opportunities among all affiliate pharmacist providers.  These include patient care cases made available to pharmacists directly by a health plan and employer group or delivered by an MTM vendor platform.

What is the role of the pharmacist provider?
The pharmacist provider is expected to accept and complete cases, identify new opportunities, acquire adequate training or certifications in the disease states of interest, and complete defined education requirements, where such credentials are required to deliver on contract terms. Pharmacists must be willing to focus on completing patient care opportunities in a timely manner and with quality documentation.

I don’t have a PharmD degree or advanced training. May I still participate?
Yes, MO-PCN will support and provide opportunities to pharmacists that include both high and low intensity interventions. Some examples of low intensity interventions include: screenings, questionnaires, provision of basic patient education, formulary reviews and one-time interventional visits. Examples of high intensity interventions include: Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT), immunizations, research programs, multi-month follow up programs and initiatives that require certain credentials to be recognized for payment. Pharmacists have the choice of which programs to participate in based on their skill level or interest.

Does it cost anything to participate?
No, it does not cost anything to participate in MO-PCN. There may be costs for specific programs based on payer-defined requirements or where specific training or software is required.

For more information on the Missouri Pharmacist Care Network, please contact: Sandra Bollinger at (573) 450-1263 or [email protected] or Cheryl Hoffer at (314) 249-2840 or [email protected].