STRAND Clinical Technologies provides clinical pharmacy solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and the pharmacist bottom line. The STRAND clinical intervention platform supports the Pharmacist eCare Plan, a shared document detailing a patient’s current medication regimen and health concerns, including drug therapy problems and medication support needs, in addition to the pharmacy’s interventions and the patient’s health outcomes over time. STRAND also supports direct secure messaging with other health care providers.

The Missouri Pharmacist Care Network (MO-PCN) PolyPharmacy Risk Reduction (PPRR) program has migrated documentation and claim billing activities to an electronic format, using the STRAND platform.  PPRR cases are billed in 15-minute increments at $30, $60, $90, and $120 for a full hour.  The average case completion time has been two hours once pharmacists are oriented to the process.  Thus, submitting just one or two cases per month essentially covers the monthly STRAND platform fee.  MO-PCN contracted pharmacies/pharmacists execute a separate agreement directly with STRAND for the platform access.

STRAND Platform and Updox Direct Secure Messaging Subsidy

To support the PPRR migration to the STRAND platform, MO-PCN is offering a three-month subsidy on the combined STRAND monthly platform fee and MO-PCN operations and administrative fee, totaling $249 per month. Your total platform subsidy value: $747. The $120 annual Updox fee is also subsidized.

STRAND Contracting Process Steps:

Step One: Execute Contract

Once onboarding with MO-PCN is complete, STRAND will create and send you a contract.  If you contracted with MO-PCN under a pharmacy, you will be asked for the pharmacy name and the pharmacy NPI # you plan to integrate with the platform.  If you contracted with MO-PCN as an individual consultant pharmacist, you will be asked for the business or fictitious name on file with the Secretary of State and if you intend to contract under your personal pharmacist NPI # or an NPI # for your fictitious business name or LLC.

Step Two: Start Integration

Starting integration with your pharmacy management system (applicable to a pharmacy) brings your patient data into STRAND. You can expect to see a complete patient list from your contracted pharmacy in STRAND three to five business days after the integration process begins. For those receiving patients outside of their pharmacy (whether it’s the non-contracted pharmacy or for individual pharmacists), expect patient data to load no more often than monthly.

Step Three: Create User Logins

Via a STRAND User Login Request Form, you gain access to the STRAND platform.

Step Four: Training

Once STRAND receives your User Login Request Form, they schedule your training. 

For more information regarding the STRAND platform, please visit For immediate platform questions, please contact Ashley Keller at [email protected].